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Tiny Paws Fresno Pet Sitter

Asia W.

Asia has a heart of gold when it comes to the care for animals of all kinds. she is a reliable pet sitter and has your pets interest as top priority. She has spent years being involved in a wide variety of animal care. 

​Asia will work with your budget.
Asia serves the Fresno & Clovis Areas. (some restrictions apply)
​Pet sitting requirements, vaccinations & forms:
For the safety to our pet sitters all forms must be current before service can be performed.

* The following vaccinations must be administered at least 48 hours prior to arrival under the guidance of a licensed veterinarian.
* Written proof is required for the following vaccinations: 

Asia's Credentials

* Certified Veterinary Assistant
* Certified Pet Nutrition & Diet
* Certified in Pet Massage
* Certified in Dog & Cat First Aid
* Animal Shelter Volunteer
* Tiny Paws Fresno Volunteer

* DPP (Distemper, Parvovirus & Parainfluenza) 1 or 3-yr. vaccine required.
* Bordetella (protection against Kennel Cough). vaccine required.
* FVRCP (Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus & Panleukopenia) (for cats) 1 or 3-yr. vaccine required.
* Rabies 1 or 3-yr. vaccine required.
* Fleas & Ticks In addition to vaccinations, all pets should be flea and tick free. 

Contact Asia

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