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Small Dog Foster Care Team

Spreading Love to Fur Kids

Our Foster Care Volunteers are Reaching Out to make a difference!

Small dog Foster Care Volunteers are the heart and soul of this community effort to solve the small dog community crises of overpopulated dog rescues. Overpopulated rescues lead to dogs spending their lives in cages, and eventually become euthanized.

Our goal is to build a community of Foster Care teams for dogs under 35 lbs.
Foster teams are groups of volunteers who work together to help foster dogs find homes. A team might be a group of friends or a group of strangers. A team might include a primary foster caregiver, a backup foster caregiver, a pet transporter who takes the pet to vet visits, a photographer, a social media volunteer, etc. Teams work together to coordinate and implement all aspects of the care, marketing and adoption of foster pets. Foster teams make fostering easier, transforming the experience from a solo journey to a group effort.​

Tiny Paws Fresno welcomes and gives many thanks to the small dog foster care parents who want to give a small dog another chance at a fun wonderful life.
If you would like to be assigned to a Foster Care team or would like to start your own Foster Care team, you must fill out an application for review.​​

Foster Care Team Roles needed:

Team Roles

Media Roles

Foster Caregiver: 
Care for and house the pet(s); pets can be cared for by 1 foster caregiver or shared/traded between two different caregivers.

Reserve caregiver/s:
This person serves as a backup in case someone needs to go out of town, needs a break, gets sick or has extenuating circumstances to attend to.

Transport specialist:
Responsible for transporting the pet to and from adoption events, medical appointments, meet and greets and medical appointments. May need to pick up and deliver medications. For a role such as this, it may even be helpful to have 2 people (a primary and a backup).

Event attendant:
Attends adoption events and communicates with prospective adopters. Coordinates with foster team coordinator to be sure he/she has all the necessary information for an event. For a role such as this, it may even be helpful to have 2 people (a primary and a backup) to ensure that events are fully covered.

Bio writer:
Writes and updates bios as needed (and provides bios to staff for social media and promotion); communicates with foster caregiver to learn about pet and gain updates that might affect bio.

Takes exceptional photos of the pet, provides photos to staff and volunteers for social media and promotion. Communicates with foster caregiver to take additional photos or videos to help showcase the pet and find them a home.

Publicity/Social Media:
Publicizes the pet on social media, sharing engaging stories about the pet and encouraging adoption. Posts flyers/ads at local stores and coffee shops. It can be helpful to have several publicity volunteers.

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