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Titan Vet Bill Assistance Fund
The Titan Vet Bill Assistance Fund was formed to stop dogs from being unnecessarily euthanized because the owner cannot afford to pay a vet bill. 

Upon emergencies, many dog owners are faced with a decision to euthanize their dog because they cannot afford the vet bill to save their dogs life. The Titan Vet Bill Assistance Fund offers financial assistance to dog owners to prevent dogs from being unnecessarily euthanized. The program is designed to help pay a portion of the cost of lifesaving veterinary treatment and special circumstantial surgeries.

Our goal is to raise more funds to build the Titan Vet Bill Assistance Fund to offer more support and financial assistance to dog owners who live in Central Valley California who are facing expensive vet bills in order to save their dog’s life. As long as the pet owner pays a portion of the veterinarian's cost, the Titan Vet Bill Assistance Fund will pay a percentage. 

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The Story

Cinnamon adopted a small dog who she named Titan. When she brought him home, she had quickly realized that he was very sick. She took him to the Veterinary Emergency and found that he had pneumonia. The Veterinarian did not know if he would live. In order to save his life, the vet bill was $3000.oo. It was then that she had to make a decision, and took a gamble on his life. At that time, she didn't have that much money, but was fortunate to borrow the money from her mother. 

She made a promise to Titan that if he lived, she would give him the best life and have lots of small dog friends to play with. After his long battle fighting for his life, he began to grow healthy and strong and Cinnamon fulfilled her promise to him and started Tiny Paws small dog play group on April 14, 2013. 

​In 2018, Cinnamon started Tiny Paws Fresno 501(c)(3) nonprofit to do many wonderful things for the dog community. The Titan Vet Bill Assistance Fund was formed to help others.
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